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Lululemon Socks Review – Are They Worth the Money?

Most athletes want to protect their feet from the jumping, running, stretching and general pounding they take while training and playing. One of the best ways to do that is to wear high quality socks designed with foot care and protection in mind. Lululemon socks are a high quality option that are gaining real momentum in the athletics world.

Lululemon Socks Review

We created this Lululemon socks review guide to help you make a great choice for whatever sport you practice. Take a few minutes before you make your purchase to read through some of these sock options to help you select the right socks for your foot needs!

Lululemon Speed Socks

The first pair of Lululemon socks we want to look at are the Lululemon Speed Tab Sock. These are running socks with micro-cushioning built into both the heel and the toe. This provides your foot with extra padding to protect it from the harsh pounding and movement that can take place within your shoes during exercise.  

These socks are light weight and made from a breathable, sweat-wicking material composed of mostly Nylon and Polyester. These material choices make a huge difference when it comes to keeping your feet cool. An anti-odor technology built into the sock helps keep your feet smelling fresh after some of the hardest workouts. .

The Lululemon Speed socks stay put throughout your extended workouts and exercise routines. One cautionary note is that they do feel a bit thin. The material used is very strong so it’s really not an issue for the most part but don’t be surprised when you pull them out and they feel a bit thin. Thin is great for staying cool as well. 

Lululemon Speed Ankle Sock Silver

Our next pair of Lululemon Socks are the Lululemon Speed Ankle socks. From the same lineup as the Speed socks, this group of socks flows along the ankle giving a bit more of a feeling that you’re wearing no sock at all without going too low. A great option if you feel the really low ankle cut socks to be a bit too revealing. It’s nice to see them available in 5 different colors as well. There are a number of great features to point out in these socks and some drawbacks as well. Let’s start with the positives. 

These are not your normal one-size-fits-all stockings. Available in small-medium (5-7) and medium-large (7.5-10), you’ll have to know ahead of time what size works best for your feet. This means you’ll get a great fit without extra material bunching up in the toe area of your shoes or overstretching the material which then limits the amount of cushion available to protect your feet. 

These socks are lightweight and (as with many other Lululemon socks) have the micro-cushioning layer in both the heel and the toes areas. This relieves some of the stress your feet may feel while running on harder surfaces or while making sudden start and stop moves. Perfect for those hard-core workouts or long distance runs. 

The Lululemon Speed Ankle socks have a more square feel to the toe. Some people may love that and others not so much. This square shape allows for more toe movement but can also bunch up in some shoes. 

The material is airy and allows your feet to breathe. It also limits odor accumulation. It’s best to allow the socks ample time to dry between uses. Speaking of which, some users complain that the socks don’t dry as quickly as they would have liked. 

Pilling can be a problem at times according to some but the pilling seems confined to the bottom of the foot so really not a big deal. They are also great at holding their shape wash after wash. 

Lululemon Tale To Tell Crew Socks

The Tale to Tell Crew socks are a really good deal for a pack of two pairs. Lululemon has made every effort to make these the most comfortable socks they can be. With a seamless design created to limit bulk and excess material, these socks do everything they can to reduce rubbing while providing soft, cushioned areas. A snug and supportive fit is created with the help of thicker materials where needed.   

Although still a bit pricey, if you’re the type of person who appreciates high quality then these are right for you in every way. They also make a fantastic gift for someone you love. It’s a 2 pack so one for you and one for them 🙂

Lululemon Tale To Tell Quarter Socks

Very similar to the “Tale To Tell Crew Socks”, the Quarter socks offer all the same benefits with a more sleek, short sock look and feel to them.

Lululemon No Sock Sock for Men

This is a three-pack of socks at a really good price point for this level of quality. Designed to make it look like you’re not wearing any socks at all, these socks give a high level of comfort by keeping your feet cool and dry throughout your entire workout. The meshed fabric allows air to access your feet so they can breathe. 

You still get that naked ankle look without the blisters and smell that comes from going barefoot in your shoes. Great with shorts, jeans and dress wear shoes such as dockers, these socks will leave you comfortable and stylish. Available in medium/large (7-9.5) and large/XL (10-13).

Lululemon Light Speed Tab Sock Silver

We love this sock! The seamless toe construction makes all the difference. No bulk, no unnecessary stitching, just really great comfort. A compression fit around the arch area offers added support while running and the Silverescent technology helps reduce odor and increases foot freshness. 

They sit at a comfortable height on the ankle and won’t slide down while running or exercising. Nothings more distracting during a workout than having socks you need to pull up every few minutes. 

Lululemon Women's Speed Quarter Sock Silver

With their signature text “My Race” “My Pace” written across the calf area, these Lululemon Women’s Speed Quarter offer a comfortable place where your feet can be protected during those hard workouts. These socks come almost halfway between the ankle and the calf muscle offering protection and comfort at the same time.

They have incorporated the micro-cushioning we’ve all come to love from Lululemon and have the ability to keep your feet dry and cool. These are the perfect example of what a great sock looks and feels like. 

Lululemon Women's Take Me There Crew Sock

Available in Ballet color and white, the “Take Me There Crew” is a great full-calf hugger sock. “Live” “Love” is written across the tops of these socks. Designed for runners and yoga lovers alike. 

They have great arch support and extra padding in the heel and toe areas. Breathable mesh material is used from ankle to calf allowing fresh air to reach your skin. These socks go great with Lululemon Leggings

Lululemon Secret Sock

Lululemon Secret Socks are designed to be almost invisible. They keep your feet dry and cool while making it look like you’re not wearing anything on your feet at all. Built in interior grips help keep these socks from moving out of place and slipping down your heel. The secret socks are available in black and white. 

Lululemon Grip Socks

The Lululemon secret sock has built-in grips to keep the sock in place while you go about your day.

Lululemon Socks No Show

Lululemons line of no-show socks are perfect for that sporty look while still maintaining cool and dry feet. With the sock completely hidden in the shoe, it gives the impression that your wearing no socks at all.

Are Lululemon Socks Worth It

When compared to others, are Lululemon socks worth it? They are quite costly and so the real question is, do you get your money’s worth. The answer to that question is… sort of. Can you get other socks of equal quality at a cheaper price? Yes. Are there socks that are as nice looking as the Lululemon socks? Absolutely!

But are there socks with both the looks and the functionality at a lower price point? Well that we have not found. Especially when it comes to the built in odor protection. So the bottom line would be – yes they are worth it but most people would not buy them for everyday use but more for those hard core workouts. 

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