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Lululemon Hats Reviews – This Years Best!

When it comes to hats, Lululemon has certainly made every effort to throw theirs into the ring. They have created a huge lineup of different hats for every athletic occasion. If you’re looking for some new headgear to make running, walking, skiing and everyday activities more enjoyable than these Lululemon hats are right up your alley and best of all, there’s something for everyone.

Warm Weather Lululemon Hats

The Lululemon Ballers Cap is the standard in ball caps. They’ve taken a black ball cap and increased its comfort level tenfold. Available in two sizes, S/M and L/XL, and three different colors (dark olive, white opal, and black) this hat is perfect for that traditional look everyone loves with a hint of style that other black hats don’t offer. 

The ultra-comfortable material has been designed with sweat-wicking capabilities to help reduce heat while in direct sun. Great for that early morning jog, an afternoon game of catch, or that evening yoga class just before the sun goes down, this is the quintessential, every occasion hat for any sports enthusiast.

Looking for stylish Lululemon hats that can really keep the sun off? The Lululemon Bucket Hat is the perfect choice. Great for boating, walking, spending the day sightseeing and everything in between. 

One of the best features of this hat is that it is completely reversible. Black on one side and a dark, olive, mesh camo on the other. An extra wide brim helps shield your face from the sun and keep a light drizzle of rain off you. 

This hat is a great choice for sunny days when your head needs to breathe. A mesh back allows air to flow through the baseball-cap style hat with its wild and funky design. A traditional snap-back closure is perfect for adjusting the size and the strategically placed sweatband helps wick away moisture. 

Made from a Nylon and Lycra blend of fabrics, the Dash & Splash II is perfect for comfort and functionality with a splash of style. 

Available in 9 different colors, the Lululemon Fast and Free Men’s Running Hat is made from lightweight fabric to keep the sun off without causing overheating. Made from a quick-drying, four-way stretch, sweat-wicking material designed specifically with running in mind. 

Enjoy running at night? This hat has several areas where reflective materials have been incorporated to help motorists better see you in the dark. 

The Lululemon Daily Motion men’s hat has a unique, anti-odour protection material designed to keep you fresh as you exercise and play. Great for canoeing, hiking, biking, site-seeing, this hat does it all. A fresh look for a classical piece of athleticwear.

Looking for a lightweight hat that fits like a glove? The distraction-free design of this Lululemon hat is simple but functional. Lululemons License to Train Men’s hat provides a comfortable fit with its stretch-fit material. This hat fits snuggly without feeling constrictive.

Cold Weather Lululemon Hats

Your on the slopes with friends and you want to stay warm but you want to be stylish at the same time. Lululemons Blissed Out Toque hat is just right for you then. A toque made from natural Merino wool will help you enjoy a cozy and toasty afternoon on the slopes and the black and yellow accents give a sleek and stylish feel to what is actually a fairly simple design pattern. 

One consideration to mention is that if you’re allergic to wool in any way you may want to choose a more synthetic fibre over the naturally insulating Merino.  

This Lululemon skull cap hat seems to have die hard fans and those who are less than crazy about it. People seem to love it or hate it when it comes to looks. A simple black style with a reflective line down the back, I find myself loving the concept but not loving the look. But like I said, there are many who go absolutely crazy over it. 

Made from Nylon and Lycra Elastane, this hat offers good air circulation but also protects your head from a good bit of the cold weather. Not designed for those really low, negative temps it’s the perfect choice for spring and fall runs. 

This merino wool blend is naturally thermoregulating making it perfect for running in the cool evenings or hitting the ski hills. With a unisex design and shallow fit this toque-like hat provides a stylish look and feel. 

Cold winter days getting you down? Bundle up and play outside with the Pure Puff Trapper hat. With its long ear warmers to protect you from the cold and wind and its soft inner layer to keep you cozy you’ll be warm and comfortable all day long. 

Keep the ear warmers down for cold days or flip them up as the temperature warms in the afternoons. Perfect for hiking, skiing, sledding or working outside. 

As the sun sets the air begins to cool. Running in the cold is a lot less fun than being comfortable and snug. The Cross Chill Run Beanie is a huge game changer and allows you thee comfort you need on those cool evenings. 

Reflective materials are used to allow traffic to see you as you jog and a sweat-wicking material adds to the comfort. 

The wool blend, double-knit fabric used in the Lululemon Alpine Air Beanie adds a warm layer to your outfit. It helps keep the heat in and the cold out. Winter runs have never been so comfortable. Designed for on-the-move individuals, this toque-style hat offers luxurious comfort. With 2 colors to choose from you can work hard and still look stylish. 

This is the best toque-style hat of all the Lululemon hats on this list. It’s the Lululemon Knit Me Up Beanie with a reversible color scheme. Burgundy and navy go hand in hand to create a powerhouse of fashion. 

Simply flip this great beanie inside out and your good to go.  With a double-layered designed for to provide extra warmth for those cooler weather outings.

This beanie is perfect for athletes with longer hair. A ponytail portal provides an exit area for hair to maximize comfort and to help keep you cool during those long runs. Reflective details increase safety and help alert drivers to your whereabouts on the road. 

Water repellent and sweat wicking fabric help keep you warm during cool evenings and cold winter day runs.  

Hats are so important and do such a great job at protecting you from sun, wind, cold and so much more. They are indispensable and become even more so when it comes to athletics and participating in sports. Lululemon has always been at the forefront of design and functionality and they have certainly hit the mark again with all these wonderful choices. 

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