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Best Lululemon Inspired Clothing – Better Than Dupes

Lululemon has long been the go-to choice for yoga lovers around the world. Their soft, comfortable, and breathable materials mixed with a stylish look make every gym-goer feel great after a long workout. Not only does its fabric stretch to fit each person perfectly, but it also boasts reinforced seams in many of its lines to ensure that it lasts and lasts no matter how much you jump, turn, or bend. So it should come as no surprise that 23 years after its founding, people continue to fall deeply in love with their luxurious apparel. But can this level of comfort and function come in the way of a Lululemon inspired outfit? Remember, we’re not talking about Lululemon Dupes. Let me explain…

With such great clothing as Lululemon has designed comes a really unfortunate catch that often plays itself out to be a real deal-breaker. That catch is the price. 

Luckily there is a way to have your cake and eat it too, well sort of. We call this “Shopping the Look”. This is not the same as a “Dupe”!

Dupes Definition

Lululemon Dupes are one way to enjoy high-quality, knock-off products at a fraction of the price however this hurts everyone in the long run. It hurts the company, it hurts the brand name, it hurts the employees and it can even hurt you if you get caught buying them. 

The definition of a dupe is “to deceive or trick” [1]. Dupe clothing is designed with similar (if not the same) fabrics and materials and sport the same logo but are marketed by a less popular company. This company copies the original as close as possible and then benefits from the same brand name awareness that the original brand enjoys without all the hard work. This allows them to undercut the high prices the popular brands charge and is very dishonest. 

The truth is, no matter how much we try to sugarcoat a Lululemon dupe, it’s still a dupe. And although it might appear like the original, it is still not the original. Lululemon Dupes are illegal knock-offs (which are notorious for being low in both price and quality). 

What is “Shop The Look”

“Shop The Look” means you are looking for clothing that is not the exact same as the brand name but rather it is stylistically similar. The product may have been inspired by the original but is not the same and does not sport the same logo. 

When you opt to buy a “Shop the Look” type product you do save money, but you’re getting a different brand logo and it is means that you are not getting the high end brand name. If this doesn’t bother you then a “Shop the Look” item is a better choice than a Lululemon dupe anyway. 

The following products are broken down into categories listing amazing clothing similar to the Align Leggings to the Align Tank Top. Each is designed by companies with a record of high-quality clothing as determined by the customers who’ve already purchased and loved them. 

These are Better Than Illegal Lululemon Align Dupes

These Lululemon inspired looks are better value and higher quality than any Lululemon Align Dupes. Align has always been the go-to for all yoga clothing so naturally the dupes would be equally appealing but these “Shop The Look” Aligns are far better. 

Superior to Women’s Lululemon Dupes

Lululemon Hoodies Dupes Don’t Hold a Candle to These!

Woman wearing a red hoodie

Hoodies are a great way to feel comfortable, casual and stylish all at the same time. These hoodies have similar features and looks to the Lululemon Hoodies you see for hundreds of dollars.

Better than Lululemon Jackets Dupes

Woman wearing jacket and sunglasses

Jackets can make all the difference in comfort when getting to and from your workout destination. Keeping warm before, during and after a workout is also important from a safety standpoint. Cold muscles are prone to strains and tears. Here are some great Lululemon inspired jackets that far outpace Lululemon Dupe Jackets. No question! These “Shop the Look” jackets are designed to help you stay cozy anytime.

Are Lululemon “Shop The Looks” Better than Lululemon Shorts Dupes

Two Women Wearing Shorts While Hiking

Men and women have been wearing shorts to workout in for a long time and for good reason. They make bending, running and jumping much more comfortable while keeping you cool! Check out these cool looking “Shop the Look” options that are much higher quality than Lululemon Dupe shorts could ever be!

Why Choose “Shop The Looks” Over Lululemon Leggings Dupes

Woman stretching while wearing leggings

Looking for some cute pants to complete an outfit? Maybe you just need something comfortable to wear to your next yoga class? Leggings can be a great way to spice up the wardrobe or increase the effectiveness of your workouts. Here are some great Lulu-inspired “Shop the Look” leggings that put Lululemon Dupe Leggings to shame and have numerous options to help make your choice a little easier.

Lululemon Jogger Dupes Are Inferior to “Shop the Looks”

Woman wearing sweatpants on the couch

Sometimes it’s just a sweatpants day! Keeping warm on your way to the gym could not be easier or more fashionable than with sweatpants. These casual yet stylish pants go a long way towards giving anyone the confidence and comfort they need to work and train hard.

“Shop The Look” Pants are Better than Lululemon Pants Dupes

womans pants walking on beach

These pants are form-fitting and perfectly suited as in the gym or in the mall attire. Great for feeling comfortable after a long workout without having to totally revamp your outfit to go shopping or back to work.

Lulu-Inspired Bras Outpace Lululemon Sports Bras Dupes Every Time

woman wearing pink sports bra

Getting the right support with the right look can be tricky when it comes to sports bras. These Lulu-Inspired sports bras are far superior to any Lululemon sports bra dupes and they are perfect for everyday use and every sports occasion. 

These Lulu-Inspired Tanks Beat Lululemon Align Tank Top Dupes Every Time

woman in tank top

Tank tops are both versatile and comfortable, especially in the summer. They’re perfect for layering over top sports bras and can often be interchangeable with them in a pinch. Here are some great options if you’re looking for looks that are way better than any new tank top dupe available in shady parts of town.

Want to put together a really cute outfit? Try a tank top with different Lululemon skirts!

Want to learn more about each of these articles of clothing that are far superior to any Lululemon Align Tank Top Dupes? Check out our article Top 10 Absolute Killer Tanks that Beat the Best Lululemon Align Tank Top Dupes

Here’s What’s Better Than Lululemon Tees T-Shirt Dupes

girl hiking in tshirt

Choose these Instead of Lululemon Men’s Dupes

Lululemon Men’s Underwear Dupes Aren’t as Good as These “Shop the Looks”

These Swimsuits are Better than Lululemon Men’s Bathing Suits Dupes

Shorts that Beat Lululemon Men’s Shorts Dupes Everytime

Don’t Buy Lululemon Men’s Joggers Dupes When You Can Buy These

These Slacks are 10x Better than Lululemon Men’s Pants Dupes

Lululemon Mens Sweatpants Dupes Are Not as Good as these Joggers

Lululemon Men’s Long Sleeve Dupes Can’t Compare with These!

These are Better than Lululemon Men’s Hoodie Dupes

Lululemon Men’s Shirts Dupes Can’t Compete with These Shirts

These Jackets are Better than Lululemon Men’s Jackets Dupes

Lululemon Dupes Tiktok

Are these the same one found on Tiktok? No! These are better!  We spent a very long time rounding these up, reviewing them, ensuring they were of good quality and functioned the way they are supposed to as well. 

Lululemon Dupes Amazon Joggers

In creating this list we noticed that there are a very large number of Lululemon Jogger Dupes but Amazon joggers try to distance themselves from these. Most of our research points to the fact that you can purchase stylistically similar clothing to the brand names without the high price tag. They are not the exact same of course but they are close enough that you can feel like you’re always in style!

Lululemon Dupes Amazon Tank Tops

The Amazon brand of tank tops that are inspired by major brands are of decent quality in general however there are some exceptions so similar to the Amazon Joggers, take the time to vet each item before purchasing.

So many of the great products on this page could easily replace some big-name brands. There really is no reason to shop for Lululemon dupes when you can be in style with these incredible looks. Consider bookmarking this page for quick, easy reference in the future. It’s a great list to shop for gifts as well!